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Are you looking for a local solar panel installation team for your home that travels to all suburbs in Perth? Westside Electrical Perth has been providing quality electrical installations across Perth for the past 20 years for thousands of satisfied customers.

Installing solar panels in Perth can reduce your annual power bill by thousands of dollars. For this reason, many Perth home owners have already made the switch to solar power. Through growing interest and high demand for renewable energy, solar panel installation has become far more affordable in recent years.

We all know about rising power bills and the impact emissions can have on our environment, which is why there has never been a better time than now to invest in solar power for your property. Generous manufacture warranties on all solar installations will ensure you are receiving the best quality product on the market for your home or office.

We provide solar panels in various ranges and sizes which allows our Perth engineering team to cater specifically to our customers residential and commercial needs. We also offer free accurate quotes via the online quote request form with out the need of requiring a site visit.  Simply provide your name, number, email & address and will send a you customised proposal which you can review online within the comfort of your own home. Are you looking for battery storage? We can also provide you with a free accurate quote for this service as well.


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How Does The Solar Installation Process Work?


The installation process is simple. When you get in contact with Westside Electrical Perth, we will arrange a time by either email or phone to have one of our professional solar panel installers come to your place. Once the installer is at your place they will discuss with you the best roof orientation to have your new solar panels and inverter installed. They will then unpack the new solar panels, secure the new products into place and connect it up to the electrical supply.

Please note when the electrician is working on the installation they will have to turn the power off for a period of time until the installation is complete. We will give you plenty of notice that the power is about it be switched off, this will give you enough time to save your work on the computer and make a cup of coffee. Then simply sit back and let the team take care of the install.

The electrician will assess the existing connections and if need be install new conduits, junction points, cabling or upgrade the switchboard to accommodate the new solar panel setup. Once the new solar panels are installed our Perth electricians will run a series of professional checks on the electrical controls to make sure it’s working correctly. We will then show you how to operate your new solar power installation. This includes adjusting the settings, instructions for cleaning and what to do if a power failure occurs. You’re then free to start generating clean energy straight away!

What Are The Benefits Of Having Solar Panels Installed?


A solar panel installation in Perth can reduce your reliance on the grid for energy, this equates to annual savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Here in Perth WA we are lucky enough to have sun all year round which means your solar panels will be working hard generating clean energy making your solar installation a high quality investment for years to come.

Solar power installation in Perth can not only save you money but you will also be doing your part for the environment. Solar power is a natural form of renewable energy. By reducing your reliance on grid energy you directly reduce the demand for fossil fuel. Solar installations have come along way with reliability and now latest solar panel have a life span up to 25 years. Which is why many Perth locals are choosing to adopt solar power for their home or business.

Nationally more than 2 million Australians have already installed solar panels across the country. Not only does solar panels make for an excellent sustainable and cost effective energy solution with low on going maintenance costs, but installing solar power is also a great investment for your property.

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How Does Solar Power Work?


Solar panels work by collecting the energy from the sun, then converting that energy into usable power. The solar panels generally get installed onto the roof top of any residential or commercial building and are positioned in such a way to collect the maximum amount of energy from the sun as possible. Perth WA receives sun all year round making solar panel installation a great investment for any property looking to save on their power bills and do there part for the environment.

Solar panels generate direct current (DC) power. This power is then sent to an inverter which usually get mounted on the wall next to your meter box. The inverter then converts this power into alternating current (AC) which is then fed into your electrical switchboard ready to use for general use throughout your home. Perth house holds are now complimenting their solar power installation with battery storage. When excess power is generated from the solar panels instead of feeding the excess power back into the grid it is stored in a battery storage until such time it is required. This creates even less reliance on grid energy and direct a impact on lowering your energy bill.

Why Choose Us To Install Solar?


We take pride in all our solar installations across Perth and offer a truly customised solution for every property to cater for your needs and budget. Our services and administration team offer first class after sales care and on going support for your solar installation. Thousands of customers have chosen to use our services as we provide custom solutions, professional installation services, quality panels & inverters, workmanship guarantee and generous warranty on all products. Get in touch with us today by filling out the contact form online. Get a customised plan delivered directly to your inbox to find how much your could be saving on your next power bill.

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